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Did they put a man on the moon???

Did the Americans put men on the moon?

I am currently awaiting science correspondent, Professor Mickey NoHairs to complete his research into this matter. But the professor is always busy developing his theories, and he doesn’t allow anyone to queue jump.

So I decided to interrogate the internet to do my own research. Researching topics on the internet can be so time consuming, and you never know if you’re reading fact or fiction.

Still, I do remember Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, bouncing down the steps before setting foot on the surface. It was on the telly, after my dad hit the top of the telly a few times with a block of wood to stop the picture flickering . There it was, a grainy black and white picture clearly showing an astronaut setting foot on the moon. I was fairly young at the time but I remember it, I saw it on the telly so it must have happened.

Maybe though it didn’t happen.

If you go onto google and search moon landing you are inundated with pages and pages and pages and pages of articles saying oh yes they did and oh no they didn’t. This is a true pantomime subject. I ended up going round and round in circles. I am by no means a scientist, so I need Prof. NoHairs to translate lots of articles but it appears to me that neither side, NASA and the US Government nor the Conspiracy Theorists can provide a clear cut answer.

So I thought about it, with my own limited brain cells and I still find arguments with my own argument.


NASA says it landed men on the moon’s surface, the surface that can be seen from earth and not on the Pink Floyd side (Dark Side of the Moon). So having read recently that the KERK Observatory in Hawaii had recently discovered a planet which is 20 light years away (which assuming the speed of light to be 186,000 miles per second) puts this planet at about
117,313,920,000,000 miles from the KERK observatory, so why don’t they point the telescope at the moon which is only about 240,000 miles from the Hawaii and publish some photographs of Lunar Modules, Lunar Rovers, Stars and Stripes Flags, footprints and other such evidence. Would that not be simple?

Apparently not, having read some internet pages, as the telescope isn’t that powerful.

I have been on google earth, searched for my house, seen my car on my drive, seen the grass in my garden, and I know its mine because it looks identical. Google earth uses a satellite telescope which is a lot closer to earth so I understand the pictures will be better.

But I still don’t understand how a telescope that can see an planet 20 light years away but not something 500,000,000 closer.

Then I read the independent opinion that the astronauts left some small mirrors on the moon and scientists on earth constantly fire a laser beam at them and measure how long it takes the laser beam to get to the moon, hit the mirror, and return to earth. This apparently is a major argument to prove that man landed on the moon.

Now I have a very open mind on this whole subject, a bit like ‘is there a god or two?’ So my brain tells me this.

If we can’t point a telescope at the moon to see evidence of NASA equipment such as Lunar Modules or Rovers how can we point a laser at the moon in exactly the right place to hit a small mirror, so accurately positioned that the laser beam reflects straight back to earth?

Then we find out from the internet that the Japanese and Americans have since sent unmanned crafts to orbit the moon and take photographs, so where is the evidence from these missions to show NASA equipment on the moons surface?
So can anybody lead me in the right direction on this subject, as I know I will have to wait a long time for Prof. Mickey NoHairs to get round to providing an answer or at least some thought provoking theory?

Christmas? A time to celebrate? Get in now

Visitors to this web place may or may not know that I am not a religious man. I respect those who believe in something, or have faith, or worship a divine being. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your view point, belief, faith and worship are not for me. With the exception of every time Chelsea start a game that is.

So as a non-religious individual, do I celebrate Christmas?

Of course I do, probably like the rest of the world, or should I say [Christian World].

I was dragged up in 1960′s Britain. Then the nation was deemed a Christian country. The religion of Britain was Christian. Okay we had the versions of christianity, but it was a known as a Christian nation.

I have to admit I don’t recall visiting a church at Christmas time, but the biblical story of the Birth of Jesus was well known and talked about throughout December each year.

So it is part of my heritage to celebrate Christmas, like the rest of the country.

Nowadays Britain is a different place. No longer deemed a Christian nation, albeit our Head of State, the Monarch, is the Head of the Church. And we welcome the Pope to our shores whenever he wants to pop over from the Vatican.

Britain today is known as a multi-cultural nation, we have citizens here that have been derived from every nation on earth. We have a population here that covers every known religion on the planet.

But, and there is always a but, whats going to happen in the next few years?

There is a part of our society in this country, and they are nameless and faceless, who are hell bent on not offending anyone. Be it because of age, race, religious beliefs, physical ability, mental capability, height, weight, physical appearance, eyesight, hearing, speech…the list is endless.

We are no longer allowed to say things which may offend, we are no longer meant to thing things that may offend, you can’t do something that may be deemed unsafe, you can’t make a joke at the expense of anyone or anything.

Anyway, back to Christmas. The nativity play at school. I remember being a sheep, a wise man and a shepherd. Never got the part of Joe, or the innkeeper. Never played the part where I was allowed to speak. But every year at little school, we did the nativity thing. Today, I read and hear that its banned and deemed offensive to non-christians.


Christmas Day in this country used to see every shop closed for the day. But now, if you forget to buy the right batteries for the kids christmas present, you just pop to the local shop and buy them. The shop will be open. Even supermarkets are open.

I give the celebration of christmas in Britain another 15 years maximum, then it’ll be banned. I don’t mean Christmas will be banned I mean celebrating it will be banned for fear of offending someone, or something.

So as each christmas comes round, I celebrate it more and more. Not a religious celebration, but a celebration my way. Because the day will arrive in this country that alcohol will be banned due to it causing too many illnesses and accidents. So I’m getting the celebrations in big time, before the political correctness, nameless, faceless brigade ban it>


‘Things I have no idea what they are for, or what they do’

Originally posted 13th August 2010:

I am probably one of many blokes who has his own drawer or cupboard, and even his own shed.

These are mine, they may be full of junk and stuff I have never used, or even things that don’t work anymore or never worked, but I do know what each and every item is and what it is meant for.

A bag of rusting nails, you never know when you might need them. A blunt saw always has a use. A broken drill bit is an essential part of the toolkit, and it has sentimental value besides.

I am always told that I never throw anything away. I do, regularly, at least every five or six years.

A drawer, one drawer only and a shed. That’s it, never enough space but that’s all I am allowed…

Then when I walk around the house with my eyes actually open, what do I see. A bathroom cabinet which has my razor, some shaving foam and my tooth brush, Nothing else, just three items.

But then I start to look and wonder. The cabinet is full, not a square inch of free space. What is all this shite in here?

There’s a hair brush, not mine. There are tubes of creams for all sorts of things that I have no idea about and never even ask. There are pots and creams for every eventuality, none of them mine. There are cotton wool balls and cotton buds, what exactly are they for. There are very small paintbrushes, why? There are little packets of tissues. There is something that looks like a cheese grater – in the bloody bathroom!! There must be 20 hair clips, certainly not mine, 10 elastic pony tail band things. On the floor is an old copy of Hello magazine, I don’t read that shite.

Then with eyes still open I am in the bedroom. On the table with a mirror is a couple of bottles of aftershave and three cans of deodorant, squashed into the back left corner. Again there is no spare space though. Hair dryer, hair irons, perfumes, make up, an old picture in an even older frame drawn by a four year old (not sure which one), a flea bitten teddy bear. All the drawers full of stuff, no idea what it is for or where it came from, I just know its not mine.

Then there is the kitchen and utility room, full of cupboards. Okay pots pans, cutlery and crockery, tinned food, spices, packets of pasta and no doubt lots of other essentials. But there is a cupboard that stores things that are never used, at least not when I am in. The dreaded toasted sandwich maker, the old saucepan which has lost all its close relations over time and never gets to see the light of day anymore.

Move on to the cupboard in the hall. It has so many coats in it we need a cloak room attendant with raffle tickets to sort that lot out. Coats I have never seen worn, ever. Carrier bags from the supermarket, actually carrier bags full of carrier bags. An old ironing board, an old vacuum cleaner that hasn’t been used for three years as the Dyson has taken over. A selection of old framed photographs of the kids which could fill an entire wall like a collage. A bag of tea lights (small candles), a cardboard ‘Happy Birthday’ banner that hasn’t been used for 6 years. A cake tin with things in it I just don’t understand.

Back to the bedroom, the bottom of a wardrobe filled with shoes I have never seen and are not my size or style.

Into the back room, a cupboard full up of old videos, board games. We don’t even have a video player.

All I have is one drawer and a small shed.

But it is said that I never throw anything away. I just can’t work that out when I have my eyes open.