In Loving Memory of Browny - In Loving Memory of Browny

Movember ? Never Again!!

Movember, great cause and happy to support it.

But next year? No chance, I’ll just send a fat cheque to the charity.

I had a goatie a few years back, but kept it trimmed and short. This Movember lark has been nothin’ but trouble, grief and pain.

I don’t mean the itchy bit, that passes quite quickly to be fair. No I mean the other shite that goes with it.

The looking like a mexican bandit, the bloke out of Village People, the Bouncer at the Gay Bar [am I allowed to say that?].

Then you get given the completely unwanted advice from the bloke who’s had well kempt facial hair for his entire adult life. ‘You need to trim regularly..’ ‘…Just the occasional wash with shampoo’ and ‘…a little bit of moisturiser helps’

Get real. Its only a temporary thing. 30 days mate, not an hour more than 30 days. You can stick your trimming, shampooing an moisturising where the sun don’t shine son.

I mean this is the result of 24 days…its taken over my face!!!!!!!

It regularly gets a coating of snot, beer froth, curry… the thing is a bloody health hazard. And 1st December can’t come soon enough for me.

I have sky-dived, I have bungee jumped all in the name of charity. At least those activities were exciting, exhilarating and well worth the effort.

This thing is nothin’ but ridiculous…

It has to go, its affecting me badly!!!! I am even considering medical advice……



I’ll take that bet!

The other night I watched 2012 on the TV. What a shambles. Story line was based on the Mayan Calender which predicts the end of the world 23 December 2012 which was fine, but then the film develops into a ridiculous idea about saving some of the worlds animals and people.

Anyway as we haven’t reached the date yet I suppose the Mayan’s could’ve got it wrong, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. So that makes the Mayan’s 1-0 up at the moment against the Jehovah Witnesses, at least it does in my book.

So why do the JW’s keep predicting the end of the world, and when the prediction passes they deny the prediction in the first place. I have had a few visits from the JW at my front door, it is rather comical to the non-religious type like myself. I have actually worked with one or two JW’s over the years and what strange people they are. Brainwashed cult members intent on believing every word written in the bible, even though the bible has been re-translated numerous times, no doubt with the translators own interpretation added or omitted, the JW’s are hell bent on asking you to disprove the bibles ‘facts’.

I received a text a few weeks ago from a JW I worked with once, it simply reads: ‘earthquakes, floods etc etc’ I think it was his way of telling me that armageddon is just round the corner.

Apparently it is in the bible. Its not hidden its just down to accuracy of the date. Well the JW’s have predicted the end of the world many times before and have been wrong each time, obviously.

I’m sticking with the Mayan’s for now so I called Ladbrokes for odds on the end of the world 23 December 2012 but they thought I was joking although they would take the bet.

So I’m going to be taking bets on the end of the world, I’m offering 1,000,000,000 to 1 on any date you want. The bet is that the world will end, mankind will be extinct, so no survivors. Any survivors and you lose the bet.

Any takers?