In Loving Memory of Browny


Browny, The Man Behind The Myth

It is with great sadness that PlanetBrowny has to announce the passing of one of our dear friends;  one of the founders of this site and possibly one of the nicest men who ever lived.

Aged just 49, Browny passed away in his sleep in the early hours of Saturday the 22nd September 2012.  He touched the lives of everyone who met him and without him, this site would never have been possible.

He was a genius at wasting time.  It was his quest to waste as much of it as he possibly could.  One man’s quest for the ultimate waste of time.

Today I spoke to Billy Jenkins, who Browny interviewed for Planetbrowny.  Billy was deeply saddened by the news and gave me these words of solace for one who left us too early:

“The value of life lies not in its length, but in the use that we make of it.  Browny certainly made good use of his time.”

Over the coming weeks, we will be re-running some of Browny’s best posts from the site, and showing many of the interviews and clips that he made with us, all in tribute to our friend.

andy parker and browny

When Browny met Andy Parker

Browny has left the building.


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