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Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5 analysis: The Bells

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones has come and gone, and in its wake, the enjoying area has been considerably diminished. We stated goodbye to some main characters this week – some died while others showed their true colours. With only one episode left, there are still so much of questions that must be answered, and a few of these didn’t even exist before this episode premiered.

As all the time, right here’s your warning to turn away now should you haven’t see Game of Thrones season eight, episode 5. The episode can be solely spoiled in this article, and given every little thing that transpired, this is in all probability one that you simply’ll need to experience first hand.

The Bells recap

The episode opens with Varys writing letters to unknown recipients concerning the important info he is aware of: Jon Snow is definitely Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar Targayen and thus the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. He attempts to persuade Jon to take the throne for himself, however Jon continues to insist that he doesn’t need it.

Meanwhile, Daenerys, who hasn’t been receiving anyone or eating because the dying of Missandei on the command of Cersei, is informed by Tyrion that there is a traitor in their midst. She initially suspects Jon, but Tyrion clarifies that it’s Varys. Daenerys makes fast work of him, sentencing him to demise by burning on the shores of Dragonstone.

As soon as the deed is completed, Daenerys and what’s left of her advisers plot their imminent assault on King’s Landing. She tells Gray Worm to carry the Unsullied, Dothraki, and Northmen outdoors the gates of King’s Touchdown till she provides the sign to attack. Tyrion pleads together with her to name off the assault if the individuals of King’s Landing sound the bells and open the gates, as meaning they’re surrendering.

Daenerys seems to agree with Tyrion’s request however then tells him Jaime has been captured making an attempt to make it past the Targaryen forces on his method back to King’s Landing. She threateningly tells Tyrion that the subsequent time he fails her, it’ll be the last time he fails her, so her endurance is shortly operating out.

As the Targaryen forces rally the night time before their deliberate siege, Tyrion meets with Jaime and frees him from captivity. He tells Jaime to succeed in Cersei and escape King’s Landing to start out a brand new life in Pentos. He additionally asks Jaime to ring the bells and raise the gates to keep away from extra bloodshed than what’s needed, and the 2 say a tearful goodbye.

The subsequent day, the Targaryen armies face the Golden Company outdoors the gates of King’s Landing. Arya and The Hound arrive in the city and make it to the Pink Maintain before the gates are shut – The Hound plans to kill his brother whereas Arya needs to verify Cersei’s identify off her record. The battle begins when Daenerys makes use of Drogon to launch a surprise assault on the Iron Fleet, decimating it within the course of. Daenerys then begins to destroy the scorpions which might be on the partitions of the town, crippling the town’s defense towards Drogon.

The Golden Firm is shortly overwhelmed by Dany’s forces they usually start to storm the town. The Lannister military puts down their swords when confronted and the command is given to ring the bells. Though the individuals of King’s Touchdown have surrendered, Daenerys continues her assault on the town, burning buildings, troopers, and harmless individuals. The Unsullied comply with her lead and assault the disarmed Lannister military whereas Jon is shocked to see such brutality happening.

As The Hound and Arya make it deeper into the Pink Maintain – which is crumbling round them as a result of of Dany’s attack – The Hound convinces Arya to go away the town and survive. On the last moment, she abandons her aim of killing Cersei and begins her escape, whereas the Hound presses on to seek out his brother. Jaime, who didn’t make it by means of the gates of the Purple Hold before they have been closed, as an alternative tries to enter the fort from the seashore. There he encounters Euron, who survived Dany’s assault and has made it shore.

Euron and Jaime battle and although Jaime is stabbed twice, he manages to get the upper hand and kill Euron. He continues shifting deeper into the maintain to try to discover Cersei, who has now decided to go away because Dany’s unrelenting assault is destroying the fort. As she, Qyburn, the Mountain, and her Queensguard are leaving their tower, they encounter the Hound.

After the Hound dispatches Cersei’s Queensguard and Qyburn dies a hilarious demise at the hands of the Mountain, Cersei leaves the 2 warriors to continue her retreat. Cleganebowl is on, and though the Mountain brutally beats his brother – almost to the purpose of dying – the Hound grapples together with his brother one remaining time, sending both tumbling from the tower and into the burning city under.

Jaime ultimately find Cersei and attempts to steer her to the boat Tyrion has placed on the seashore beneath the hold to make their escape to Essos. Within the lowest half of the hold, nevertheless, they discover their exits blocked by rubble. Trapped, they embrace one final time because the Pink Hold collapses on prime of them.

By this level, King’s Touchdown is totally destroyed, with Dany seemingly burning something that moves. Arya makes an attempt to make her means by means of the town in a superbly shot scene that exhibits the extent of the destruction. She has a number of close calls herself as tries to escape, but in the long run, she survives and manages to discover a horse, which she makes use of to escape the ruins of King’s Landing.

The Bells evaluation

So, hey, Daenerys has turn out to be a tyrant who is certainly worse than her father was. Keep in mind, whereas the Mad King had every intention of burning King’s Touchdown to the ground during Robert’s riot, he by no means acquired the prospect as a result of Jaime betrayed him when he tried to provide the order. Daenerys, then again, burned the town and the individuals in it till there was nothing left but ash and rubble.

We’ve seen shades of Dany’s darker aspect many occasions earlier than, however now her despot turn has been cemented. She is not any more worthy of ruling than the individuals who usurped her family, and though Cersei has finished some really awful issues throughout her tenure as queen, it’s very arduous to argue that Daenerys is a better choice at this level. For peace and prosperity within the Seven Kingdoms, Daenerys should die.

Varys realized this earlier than anyone else, though he paid the last word worth by making an attempt to get individuals to see the truth. Nonetheless, Varys’s efforts – nevertheless careless they have been in his last hours (they usually have been careless) might not have been in useless. We don’t know who he was sending these letters to, however we know that they maintain the reality about Jon Snow’s parentage and his claim to the throne.

It stands to cause that he was sending these letters to anybody of status who may be left alive in Westeros – though many heads of houses have been killed off all through the collection, there are nonetheless some on the market who might stage some type of revolt towards Daenerys.

It’s exhausting to know what happens next, however Jon and Tyrion each came to a very clear realization during this episode that Varys was finally proper: Daenerys just isn’t match to rule the Seven Kingdoms. This is something that Arya expected, however now that she’s seen Dany’s fury first hand, she’ll in all probability be out for blood. Although Daenerys has claimed power in Westeros, she’s about to seek out that she nonetheless has lots of enemies.

Dany’s descent into insanity was the primary focus of this episode, however we still wrapped up numerous tales along the best way. Tyrion particularly lost lots of people who have been close to him. Despite the fact that he was the one who ratted out Varys, it’s clear that Tyrion nonetheless thought-about him an in depth good friend and Varys the identical. Then we now have Jaime, who all through much of the collection (and certainly, throughout most of Tyrion’s life) was his only ally.

Talking of Jaime, his redemption arc stopped brief of the place many followers have been hoping it will end. One of the internet’s hottest theories (and something I claimed myself before season 8 began) was that Jaime can be the one to kill Cersei and finish her rule, however in the long run, that didn’t pan out. Jaime and Cersei died in each other’s arms beneath the Pink Hold, leaving the world as they entered it. It was a poetic demise for each of them, however perhaps not completely satisfying for people who grew to sympathize with Jaime or needed to see Cersei get the brutal dying she deserved.

The seige of King’s Landing was more a blowout for Daenerys than it was an precise battle. Issues went south very quick for Cersei, as neither the Iron Fleet nor the Golden Firm contributed in any meaningful means through the struggle. With all of these large scorpions rendered useless earlier than the preventing even started, Daenerys met little resistance in razing King’s Touchdown and killing anyone she needed to.

Lastly, we lastly received the long-awaited Cleganebowl, which was definitely one of the highlights of the episode. The standoff between the Hound and the Mountain in a crumbling tower will possible be remembered as one of the perfect photographs of the collection, and the battle that got here after was just what I hoped for – an opinion I don’t assume I’ll be alone in sharing. It’s unhappy to see the Hound die as he was one of probably the most beloved characters on the show, but his dying was each bit as epic as such an awesome character deserved.


The battle for the Iron Throne, as least so far as it considerations the battle between Cersei and Daenerys, is over. The whole collection has been constructing thus far, however it isn’t all over yet. Within the season finale subsequent week, we’ll see who gets to rule Westeros for good – will Daenerys continue to rule together with her iron fist, or will the characters who nonetheless have no less than some sense of mortality do the best thing and remove her from energy? After eight long years, all might be resolved subsequent week.