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‘Zombie Kidz Evolution’: A Kid-Friendly Legacy Game

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Refill your Super Soaker and escape your lightsaber—there are zombies afoot! This band of youngsters is prepared for something—are you?

What Is Zombie Kidz Evolution?

Zombie Kidz Evolution is a legacy-style cooperative recreation for two to 4 gamers, ages 7 and up, and takes about 15 minutes to play… when you can restrict your self to at least one session, that’s. It retails for $22.99 and is available in shops now or online. Although the sport does function zombies, they’re fairly cartoonish and the game isn’t scary—even my own youngsters, who usually refuse to play anything with zombies, didn’t mind preventing zombies on this one. Zombie Kidz Evolution was revealed by Scorpion Masque, and is distributed in the USA by Iello.

Zombie Kidz Evolution componentsZombie Kidz Evolution elements. Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu

Zombie Kidz Evolution Elements—Spoiler-Free Model

Right here’s what comes within the box:

  • Game board
  • 4 Character standees
  • eight plastic stands
  • Zombie die
  • 4 Lock tokens
  • 8 Zombie tokens
  • 13 envelopes

Zombie Kidz Evolution is a legacy-style recreation, which signifies that issues change as you play the sport. Particularly, you get to open up the envelopes as you progress by way of the game, which then modifications the gameplay in numerous methods. I’ll maintain spoilers about what’s within the envelopes on a separate web page, although I’ll make some broad references without specifics.

Zombie Kidz Evolution daytime boardThe daytime aspect is for 3 or four players. Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu

The board exhibits a chook’s-eye view of a faculty, with numerous interconnected lecture rooms and four exterior yards with gates. There’s a daytime aspect and a night-time aspect: the night-time aspect is used for two gamers, and consists of additional doorways between the outer ring of rooms. The board has a whole lot of enjoyable details that make the rooms distinct—there’s a health club, a library, a classroom, a lunchroom, and a central space with lockers.

Zombie Kidz Evolution character standeesSelect your zombie-fighting kid! Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu

The character standees present the 4 youngsters that you could select from, they usually’ve all received a variety of character. I like that there’s a mixture of genders and ethnicities, and every child has their own weapon of selection (although, admittedly, it’s not clear how a lot injury a squirt gun or foam balls would truly do to a zombie).

Zombie Kidz Evolution zombiesZombie tiles. Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu

There are 4 zombies (two of every): a instructor (or principal?), a librarian, a fitness center instructor, and a custodian. Clearly, the employees wasn’t prepared when the zombie apocalypse hit, but they still appear to be following their previous routines. As I stated, the zombies are extra cute than scary, sort of like muppet zombies, and there isn’t any gore or anything depicted. These are small cardboard tiles, they usually’re just placed flat on the board, without stands.

The die is six-sided, with a zombie icon in the 5 totally different colours matching the rooms and one clean aspect. The icon is identical on all sides, so red-green color-blind players may have some help telling these aside, and I found that the yellow-on-white could be a little more durable to see depending on the lighting. The icons are printed on the die, but not engraved.

The lock tokens are additionally just punch-out cardboard tiles, displaying some chains with an enormous padlock on it.

The envelopes… nicely, we’ll get to those later, however there are 13 complete, principally square but a couple of larger rectangular envelopes. And for some purpose, there are 8 plastic stands, however only four character standees. Hmmm, curious…

Zombie Kidz Evolution progress chartProgress chart on the again of the rulebook. Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu

The rulebook isn’t pictured in my elements photograph, though it’s additionally an necessary piece of the game. The surface is made to seem like a spiral-bound notebook with plenty of stickers on the duvet, so it’s only applicable that you simply’ll be placing stickers on the back cover, too. There’s a progress chart on the again that you simply’ll soon be filling up with brain and (you hope) trophy stickers. Inside the rulebook, you’ll additionally notice a couple of sections which have giant clean areas: some in “Advanced Rules” and a few in “Missions.” Extra about these later.

GeekDad Approved 2019Zombie Kidz Evolution is GeekDad Authorised!

How one can Play Zombie Kidz Evolution

You possibly can download a replica of the rulebook here.

The Aim

The aim of every session is to lock all four gates earlier than you’re overwhelmed by zombies. However there’s also a larger aim of completing missions and making progress on the progress chart in an effort to open up these envelopes!

Zombie Kidz Evolution 2-player setup2-player setup on the “night” aspect of the board. Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu


Set up the board, utilizing the night time aspect for two gamers and the day aspect for three or four gamers. Every player chooses a child and locations it in the purple room in the middle. Randomly place one zombie in each courtyard in the corners of the board. Place the rest of the zombies in a row next to the board, and hold the die and the lock tokens useful.


In your turn, you first place a zombie: you roll the die and place the subsequent zombie from the line into the corresponding room. In case you roll a clean, fortunate you: no zombies this flip.

Zombie Kidz Evolution pile of zombiesOops! That’s a variety of zombies in the yellow room. Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu

Then, you might transfer your character 1 area by means of a doorway (or stay put). Chances are you’ll then kill any zombies within the room you’re in, putting them on the finish of the row next to the board.

Observe that if 3 or more zombies are in a room, then youngsters can’t enter that room. In case you’re in a room when the third zombie is added, then you should immediately move to an adjoining room.

Zombie Kidz Evolution lock the gateIt takes two youngsters to lock the gate. Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu

Finally, in case you are in a courtyard and there’s another kid there with you, then you definitely place a lock token on the gate.

Game Finish

You win in the event you lock all 4 gates. You lose if it’s worthwhile to place a zombie on the board, and there are not any extra in the line.

Fairly simple, right? However wait, there’s more!

Zombie Kidz Evolution progress chartEach play provides you a brain sticker. Finishing missions adds trophy stickers. Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu

Making Progress

Every time you play the sport, win or lose, you get so as to add a brain sticker to the progress chart on the back of the rulebook. In addition, there are missions to finish, issues like profitable a recreation at numerous player counts, eliminating all the zombies after you’ve locked all four gates, or profitable the sport while utilizing only 6 zombies complete. You’re allowed to complete one mission per play, however you would earn a second trophy sticker should you complete a mission group. (Every mission group has three missions.)

In case you place a sticker on a space with an envelope icon above it, you then get to open that numbered envelope! As you make progress, you’ll uncover new bonuses contained in the envelopes that change the sport and help it, you already know, evolve.

Zombie Kidz Evolution victoryAll 4 gates are locked: success! Photograph: Jonathan H. Liu

Why You Ought to Play Zombie Kidz Evolution—Spoiler-Free Model

Okay, I’ll cease here and inform you a bit about Zombie Kidz Evolution without spoilers, although you if you’d like a better take a look at what else is included in those envelopes, be happy to forge forward! I’ve put spoilers on page 2.

I’ve performed (okay, technically I’ve started) a number of legacy-style video games, like Danger: Legacy and Gloomhaven, and it’s taken me somewhat bit to get used to the thought of putting stickers or writing on recreation elements, let alone tearing things up or throwing them away. Youngsters, however, don’t are likely to have those self same obstacles: in any case, they’re more likely to deal with each recreation like a legacy recreation, right? So the thought of making a legacy recreation for teenagers is sensible–it’s a recreation that comes with its personal sticker chart, and you understand how motivating these are.

The base gameplay I’ve outlined above is pretty easy, and is in reality based mostly on an older title from 2013 referred to as Zombie Kidz, which did not have the evolving parts to it, though it did have some rules variants to adjust the problem degree. I might say that if the game have been restricted to the core guidelines, I’d in all probability have gotten uninterested in it pretty shortly–there’s a variety of luck concerned, and once you get a number of zombies piled into the identical room, then there’s solely so much time earlier than you run out of options as a result of there’s no method to cope with them.

However getting to mark your progress as you play and work towards opening those envelopes adds a bit of pleasure even once you’re enjoying by the core rules. After which whenever you open the envelopes? The game will get more fascinating, and begins to current more of a problem, too. It looks like you find yourself with extra strategic decisions, although the luck of the die roll still presents an excellent bit of random probability.

Although I wasn’t all the time proud of the order by which the bonus material exhibits up, I used to be pleased with the content itself, and I feel it adds an excellent little bit of variety that stored the game recent by way of the time it took us to open up all of the envelopes. (For us, it took about 26 performs to get by way of every thing, however the variety of performs will range relying on how properly you handle to finish missions each time you play.) Even after the final envelope is opened, although, there’s some incentive to proceed enjoying. We haven’t hit the purpose yet the place we’re uninterested in enjoying, and in lots of instances, we played a number of periods in a row once we have been pushing for the subsequent envelope.

I’ve some extra particular ideas in the spoiler part, but I do assume a part of the enjoyment of the game (as with many legacy games) is the discovery. In contrast to some legacy video games, Zombie Kidz Evolution progresses the same means for everyone—the envelopes are all the time opened in the same order, although you’re welcome to finish the missions in no matter order you choose. Should you’re satisfied enough by what you’ve read thus far, I’d recommend leaving it at that and checking it out if it sounds intriguing. For those who actually need to know what exactly is included in these different envelopes, forge ahead right here!

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